What documents are necessary to file a patent application or an industrial design application?

The documents that we need are:

- Technical Document in Spanish:

For a patent application for an invention or utility model the technical document consists of the specification, claims, abstract and drawings (the latter only if necessary).

For an application for registration of an industrial design a graphic or photographic representation of the design and description of the views is sufficient.

- Power of Attorney signed by the applicant in our favor, as applicable:

If the applicant is a natural person the Power of Attorney shall consist in a private instrument signed by the applicant.

If the applicant is a corporate entity the power must be signed by the authorized legal representative, consigning the status or title of the signor.

The Power of Attorney does not need to be notarized nor legalized.

- Certified copy of the previously filed patent application in a foreign country only if the applicant wishes to claim priority under the Paris Convention.

- If the applicant is other than the inventor the assignment document evidencing the Transfer of Rights of the invention by the inventor to the applicant, must be filed in Spanish. The document must be duly notarized and legalized up to the Peruvian consul (in some countries the apostille legalization is applicable).