In a time of constant innovation as nowadays, having a creative mind is one of the most profitable and promising talents. However, inventing is not enough, it is necessary that further to the development of an invention, the same be protected with a patent.

Our Law firm has over 80 years of experience representing and advicing on industrial property protection for patents and has an experienced team of lawyers and engineers skilled in the art.

Our services include:

Search for feasibility.
Submission of applications.
Amendments to the technical document provided it does not involve an expansion to the initially requested.
Filing of responses to requests and observations made by the Technical Examiner.
Payment of annual fees for maintaining in force a patent application or granted patent.
Monitoring the timely payment of application maintenance fees.
Opposition to applications.
Appeal of administrative decisions in the administrative and judicial level.
Modification of recordals.

And everything else concerning the protection of the patent right.